During his days in Los Angeles, State of California, James van Praagh went to a psychic session wherein which there were many mediums attending. He attended the session, without having a clear understanding of what a medium actually does during those times. Understandably, he became quite doubtful upon encountering these mediums. Finally, one of them came up to him and told him about the fact that he possessed immense supernatural and psychic abilities. He assured James that he will do psychic work and sessions in due time. James van Praagh naturally reacted with so much skepticism. This is because of the fact that he cannot see himself engaging with spirits, since he himself has having trouble dealing with the living. He dismissed such talks as insignificant. He actually thought of such pronouncements from the medium as farfetched. Later on, however, he realized that he was consciously increasing his sensibilities. He started to do psychic readings to family members and friends. In one reading, he was able to receive a message from the otherworld.

James van Praagh, because he was new to such occurrence, got bewildered with such encounter with the spirit. Eventually, he accepted the fact that he possessed the unique psychic ability of talk with the departed. After many years, James is acknowledged as one of the most respected and celebrated mediums not only in the US, but in Europe as well. However, in spite of his being popular, James van Praagh did not impress everyone. Others doubt his skills and abilities. However, he accepted this as but natural, since he himself could not believe that he possesses such an unusual talent. James admitted that he is a big skeptic of his own self. He continues to question that fact that he has the ability to talk to spirits. He doubted his immense psychic skills. Later on, he just accepted the fact that he did have the capacity to communicate with the spirit of the departed. He is happy that he is able to share such a unique but useful gift to a lot of people, especially one who needed to receive messages from their loved ones.

James van Praagh was thankful to his mother – she was the one responsible for helping James to realize his dream of becoming a broadcaster. James followed his mother’s advice and traveled to California to work in the broadcast industry. Because of his hard work, James van Praagh earned success when he realized that he was a medium and decided that he wanted to share his gift to people on TV. In no time at all, his show became a hit and he was well-loved by the audience. James also wrote a couple of exciting books on the supernatural, such as Ghosts Among Us, Talking to Heaven, Heaven and Earth, and Looking Beyond.


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